Enhancing Workspace With A Home Remodel

Working at home is becoming more and more common as people telecommute and run Internet-based businesses. Creating a home office has become an important part of the San Diego home remodel. Whether you’re putting on an addition or converting another room, there are several factors to consider.

Decide on the main purpose of the office space and who will be using it. If there’s more than one person involved, the space can be divided by wall or enclosures. There should be plenty of room for a desk, seating for meetings and perhaps a lounge area.

Special Needs
This is the fun part. Decide what special items are important for a comfortable and functional workspace. You might need items such as a drafting table, separate computer workstations, countertop and table space, special machinery or a large screen for videoconferencing or webinars. Don’t forget space for storage and files. Talk with your San Diego design/build contractor about how to arrange the office in a layout that makes sense.

Having a home office has its advantages and disadvantages. A thoughtfully planned San Diego home remodel can minimize most of the negatives. One of the drawbacks is the ever-present sound of home and family, which can sometimes overwhelm the background of a telephone conversation. Soundproofing the office walls and doors can prevent screaming children and a loud TV from filtering into your businesses day. It also helps to keep your confidential discussions and financial conversations from wafting down the hall or out the window. When choosing your floor and ceiling materials, select those that absorb sound rather than make it echo.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might want to create a home addition for your company. A distinct entrance for clients makes it easier to separate your business from your family, and your work life from your home life. Doors with windows add more natural light to the space and make for a more pleasant atmosphere. Formal window treatments can add a more professional look. A security system can safeguard your business and your home.

Depending on the size of your home office and the extent of your needs, a kitchen, restroom and foyer can add new dimensions to your office. Active or inactive storage is another option. From the large wall screen for video conferencing and Internet webinars to the wall safe and built-in cabinetry, your office can be as sparse and simple or as comfortable and self-sufficient as you like.

When you’re ready to create a work-at-home office, take some time to consult with a professional design/build contractor in San Diego. The Lars Remodeling team can help you iron out the details with green materials, energy needs and budgetary goals.