Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Spaces

One of the most common requests we get from our San Diego remodeling clients is to make their yard and lawn greener. San Diego is one of the most environmentally conscious areas in the country, which is fitting because our arid climate can potentially make yard maintenance more draining here than it would be elsewhere. So how can you stop your yard from wasting resources while still maintaining a beautiful space? It’s easier than you might think.


Hardscaping involves using rocks and other non-plant fixtures to create an attractive outdoor space. It commonly involves using small pebbles and rocks in place of grass and accenting with larger sculptures and architectural rocks. The big advantage of designing the backyard around a San Diego outdoor living area like this is that it will dramatically decrease water consumption. There is almost no watering required, yet you can still have a beautiful outdoor area. In addition, this kind of landscaping can mean fewer insects, many of which require water and plants in order to breed.

Plant Local

Our arid environment wasn’t meant for the lush grass lawns and trees found in colder and wetter areas. You can try to simulate that environment in your yard, or you can embrace the design possibilities inherent in using native plants. These include drought-tolerant species like yucca, hardy species like bamboo, and a variety of other grasses that grow naturally in the area.

Combining The Two

Drought-tolerant plants and hardscaping make a great combination around any San Diego outdoor living area. The entire garden requires very little maintenance and almost no watering. It will never get unkempt or require trimming; it’s a self-sustaining ecosystem which looks polished and professional. It’s no surprise that so many of our clients are looking to transform their back and front yards into eco-friendly hardscapes with low-maintenance plantings.