Find Your Zones In Bathroom Remodeling

Creating a bathroom that’s beautiful and functional with modern amenities is an important part of planning today’s home renovations. Remodel your bath with a contemporary design, creating practical zones while using modern technology and moisture-friendly flooring.

Zone Division
One of the more prominent trends in San Diego bathroom remodeling projects is the use of wet and dry zones. The wet areas are typically anyplace that water can be used and may splash, including the bath, shower and sink. The dry zones are the toilet, dressing area and vanity.

•    Wet Zones – Dividing the areas with flooring and sliding doors are some of the trends coming into vogue for bathroom remodels in 2014. Create a seamless look for wet zones, with curved walls and half-walls separating shower and sink areas for a spacious and open floor plan. Ceramic tile wears well in wet zones, covering both floors and walls. Add in central floor drains and ventilation to control moisture.
•    Dry Zones – Use smaller partitions or individual spaces for privacy in dressing or toilet areas. Mirrors and specialized lighting for hair and make-up is another consideration. Hidden hardware with built-in handles and drawer pulls are another trend for dry zones.

Electronics isn’t just a trend in kitchen remodeling, it’s also in high demand in San Diego area bathroom remodeling projects. Digital showering systems offer timers to let the water warm up before you step inside, and some have a pause feature to help you conserve water. Handle-free sink faucets are activated with a simple touch to create a more sanitary environment for washing your hands. If music helps you relax, consider putting wiring for a sound system into your bathroom for long soaks in the tub or wake-up tunes in the shower. Warm floors are another note of modern technology that can be set to timers, preventing a cold shock to bare feet in the morning, any time of year.

Choose bathroom flooring that wears well with heavy moisture and is easy to clean, especially if you’re creating wet and dry zones. Ceramic tile is a hot option in bathroom flooring. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit any decor. Porcelain is also a versatile and durable choice, offering different types of finishes to pair with exotic materials and shiny metallic. Laminate flooring is also suitable for your bathroom remodel, and is a practical choice for dry zones. It comes in a multitude of finishes – including wood grain look-alikes – that add sophistication to the space.

Whether you choose the contemporary wet and dry zone format, or you simply want to upgrade the materials, the Lars Remodeling & Design team can help you find the right look, feel and function for your bathroom remodel.