Get the Most Out of Your Pool House

Often the pool house starts out as a nice idea and then somehow turns into that storage building between the pool and the source of drinks, towels, and bathrooms. It is important to make the most of your pool house instead of simply using it to store pool toys and equipment.

Make Sure Everything in the Pool House Can Get Wet

Make sure that the furniture inside the pool house has outdoor upholstery so that guests feel comfortable coming right in and lounging, even in wet swimwear. If carpeting is part of your plans for your pool house, outdoor carpet should be installed. Often tile or concrete flooring is the best option for a pool house, since tracking water inside is going to happen every time the pool house is used, but outdoor or waterproof carpeting can help reduce the slipperiness.

Match the Pool House Design to the Existing Home and Other Structures

The pool house design should match existing structures on the property. Often aesthetics alone are the primary reason for a pool-house remodel, but functionality comes in right away to make sure owners are getting the most out of an already existing structure. A pool house that clashes with your main home’s aesthetic might end up more of an eyesore than a hangout spot, so keep an eye on the design and functionality as you complete your rebuild or remodel.


Stock the Pool House for Easy Entertaining

Providing lots of towels and having an array of snacks and beverage choices in the pool house makes guests feel at home. Providing music and lights (perhaps on a dimmer switch) make entertaining a breeze. A large TV can take an ordinary pool party to the next level, allowing sports parties for big games or tournaments to become unforgettable. Make sure to keep the pool house stocked with a basic first-aid kit and plenty of sunscreen as well.

Pool Parties for All Seasons

A pool house provides a fantastic amenity for hosting parties in all seasons. Often pool parties are considered summer-only occasions, but a great pool house can be used anytime. At Christmas time, put several ceramic or metal fire pits opposite the pool house where the fire can reflect off the pool water for dramatic effect while your guests sip warm beverages. For spring, Easter eggs floating in the pool can create a festive decorative touch to host an outdoor pool-side luncheon. Summer “dive-in” movies shown on the pool-house big-screen can ensure that the kids all hang out at home instead of going out for entertainment. And if your pool house is large enough, it can even be converted into guest quarters during the cooler months.

Provide Bathroom Amenities in the Pool House

To avoid guests having to track water into your home, provide bathroom amenities in the pool house. One or more bathrooms large enough to provide changing space should be sufficient, but at least one toilet is a necessity to avoid guests feeling awkward about asking to go inside the home or simply peeing in the pool because they don’t know where to go. Nobody wants to approach this subject with guests, particularly adult guests, so making it easy to find a bathroom can prevent uncomfortable and even unsanitary situations.

The above are just a few of the many ways you can get the most out of your pool house. The only limits are your budget and your creativity. For the rest, the sky’s the limit!