Holiday Remodeling? Why This Is The Perfect Time to Start!


The holidays are upon us and as so many people prepare to welcome family and friends into their homes to celebrate, it’s common to get the urge to start considering updates to your home that you may have been putting off. Entertaining in an outdated kitchen or trying to find the space for out of town guests to sleep can often spark daydreams about taking on a larger-scale home remodeling project. Even small cosmetic changes that need to be made become amplified this time of year. It may seem contrary to think about now with all of the obligations that surround the holiday season, but if the vision for your home involves things like whole room or full house remodels, the timing is actually ideal to start getting a plan in place now so you can hit the ground running in the first part of the new year.

Start Your Remodel Planning Now

Two of the biggest mistakes people make when planning for a remodel is 1) not allowing enough time to fully develop their remodel plans and 2) underestimating how long the process will take. Think about the last vacation you took, how long did it take you to pick a destination and choose your accommodations? At least a few weeks -if not longer – and that was for something that only lasted a week or two. Now, think about your remodel and the impact it’ll have on your life. Taking the time to pinpoint your needs vs. your  wants for your project will help you achieve a home you’ll love for many years to come. One of the best first steps to take is to schedule  a consultation with a design-build company to discuss your vision and outline the design changes you want to make.

One key thing to keep in mind as you begin is that the early stages of a home remodel take some time. While shows on HGTV make it seem like major transformations can happen virtually overnight, the reality is that the process is much more involved. Consultations, design, and permitting allot for half of the actual time spent on a home remodel, which means that starting the process now allows you to comfortably remain in your home through the holiday season, without disruption.

Setting up an initial consultation during the holiday months allow you and the team you select to get a jump on turning your home remodel ideas into beautiful design plans that will be ready to be brought to life in the New Year!

New Year, New Home

Another benefit to acting now is being able to vet and select your design+build team during what is typically a slower time of year.  The start of the New Year is one of the most popular times for people to put their plans into motion and many top remodeling company’s schedules begin to get booked in the first few weeks.  This increased demand for remodel services at the start of the New Year can cause delays and ultimately push back your timeline.

Understanding The Remodeling Timeline

It’s easy to underestimate how long it can take to complete a remodeling project. There are many phases that your remodel will go through, including design changes and adjustments. Planning and permitting can admittedly be a drawn out – but necessary – process to complete before any building can begin, however, during this phase is when a lot of the exciting aspects of the remodel process happen as well!  Working with the design team to select the look and feel for your home, deciding on materials and finishes that will be used, even selecting appliances and plumbing fixtures are crucial decisions made during this stage that will help to keep your project timeline on track and free of unnecessary delays.

Choosing the right contractor

Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the entire remodel process. Your team will become a very active member of your extended “family” for anywhere from a few months to over a year, so you’ll want to choose a trusted company that not only comes highly recommended, but one that you’ll be happy to have in your home throughout the process. Pick a local business that has experience working in the area so they understand how to keep the job running on schedule while following all of the city codes and regulations. You should also consider contractors with in-house design teams who can help you bring your dream remodel to life while working seamlessly with the construction team. When all services are under one roof, the communication is easier, more efficient, and provides less room for error. Most importantly, choose a contractor you can trust! Check references in detail and ask to see past completed remodels similar to your goals. This allows for you to see the final product your contractor and design+ build teams are proud of.

Remember your remodel goals

Planning your dream remodel can feel overwhelming and stressful at times. One of the key things to remember is that you’re working towards a goal that will not only bring a beautiful update to your home, it will also improve your quality of life by making your home more functional and better suited to your needs. By giving yourself plenty of time to fully plan your remodel and working with knowledgeable contractors, you’ll be able to bring your wish list to life and avoid any hiccups.

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