Home Remodeling Ideas: Wall Coverings


Choosing wall coverings for your home is a fun challenge. You’ll want to incorporate the right mood, colors and maintenance level into the sheer beauty and comfort it displays. There are many options in material and style, from textures like quartz, leather tiles and metallic mesh to traditional wallpaper to decals, murals and window films. Factor in foot traffic, lighting, humidity and how green you really want to be when you’re choosing wall coverings for your next home remodeling project. Keep in mind that all of the walls in a room don’t have to be the same.

High traffic areas are better suited to more durable materials that are easier to clean. For example, vinyl coating and vinyl rolls with fabric or paper backing are long-lasting and simple to maintain. Wood paneling is another sturdy option for high traffic areas. Choose a finish that won’t show the dirt and can be cleaned easily if needed. Paint is a traditional wall covering that typically stands high traffic and weathers well.

Beautiful wall textures come alive with the proper lighting. Metallics, glass and other reflective materials can create a completely different look.

When choosing wall coverings for damp areas of the house or environments with high humidity, consider whether or not the material will warp and whether it’s mildew-resistant.

Green Materials
Some of the most environmentally-friendly wall coverings come in the form of cork, reclaimed wood, grass cloth and recycled aluminum mesh. Some last longer than others. Cork materials and reclaimed wood, for example, are much more durable than grass cloth. When comparing materials and considering where they will be used, that might not be an issue.

Kitchen Remodeling
Options for wall coverings in the kitchen are plentiful. Some popular choices include wood slats or panels, subway tiles and raffia. Ceramic and porcelain tiles also make the list for kitchen remodeling trends, and paint, of course, is always a possibility. While light and bright colors are in style, and help to give the room a spacious and open atmosphere.

Bathroom Remodeling
Some of the latest trends for wall coverings in bathroom remodeling are wall and ceiling tiles made from porcelain, glass or ceramics. Privacy barriers made of patterned glass are another option growing in popularity.

When choosing the wall coverings for your home, make sure that they’re in colors and materials that make you feel comfortable. Want some more ideas? Visit our photo gallery of home remodeling projects that we’ve recently completed.