Home Theater Design in San Diego


Adding Your Dream Home Theater In San Diego

There’s nothing quite like the experience of watching your favorite movie on a giant screen with the highest quality surround sound. In fact, it can even help make an average movie that little bit more entertaining. Have you always thought about how to get that movie theater feel in your own home? Your dreams could soon become a reality! Home theater additions are an easy and affordable remodel option in San Diego.

Bringing a state of the art cinema experience into the comfort of your own home with a home theater addition in San Diego is the ultimate home entertainment upgrade. It’s also easier than you’d think when you choose a professional San Diego home theater design-build team.

San Diego Home Theater Design

From simple screen additions for everyday use to luxury home theaters, the options for your home theater design are endless. Whether you’re thinking of converting an existing room or adding an addition for your new home theater, you’ll need adequate space to really get the full theater experience. At minimum, you’ll need to give your theater enough room to allow a good distance between the screen and the seating. But why not go all out on your theater experience? The great thing about a home theater is that you can add all of the features you wish a normal movie theater had! For example, you could consider adding space for a full bar, an extra bathroom, a mini kitchen, or even rows of luxury seating. After all, there’s no need to be uncomfortable when you’re in your own home!

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Planning For Your Home Theater Addition In San Diego

For the real home theater experience, you’ll need to be prepared for some home remodeling activity. The heart and soul of your new theater will be the movie screen, including any projection equipment that goes with it, and the sound system. To really get the feel of a movie theater you’ll need to install surround sound and projection equipment. For a sleek look to your home theater you should plan to have all of the necessary wiring built into your walls. For existing room remodels this will likely involve removing the drywall, for room additions this will be installed as part of the building process. You’ll also want to consider adding soundproofing to avoid upsetting your neighbors! Other important considerations for your home theater design include lighting, seating, floor covering, and internet connectivity. Top of the range home theater systems can connect all of the integral components remotely to provide an immersive viewing experience.

Basics for Home Theaters in San Diego

A home theater San Diego installation will definitely add value to your home. Although it’s enjoyable to think about the extras like seating and high-end audio systems when planning a home theater room, it’s just as important to plan out the basic design elements perfectly during your remodel. Once you have the basic framework of your home theater properly installed, adding the finishing touches will be a snap. Having a well-planned set of basics also ensures you can upgrade the technology and fun features more easily in the future.

  • Many people select carpet for a home theater room. This allows kids to lay on the floor comfortably, while also creating a sound absorbing material.
  • Outside Light. If you can take windows out of the room or cover them, it’ll be worth it. When using the room during daytime, exterior light can ruin the intimate feel you’re trying to create in the home theater San Diego remodeling design. Windows also can cause problems with the acoustics in the room.
  • The room’s shape plays an important role in the acoustics you receive. Rectangular shaped rooms provide a more realistic sound quality than square rooms, for example.
  • Drywall tends to provide a nice level of acoustics for your home theater San Diego room, versus some other materials. For example, if you’re remodeling a basement that consists of concrete block, you will want to cover the block with drywall, as concrete performs poorly with acoustics. If you want the next level of audio performance beyond drywall, consider acoustic wall panels.
  • Wall Color. Stick with darker, neutral colors on the walls of the home theater. Lighter colors will cause reflections from the large theater screen when the room is dark, which is distracting.

Once you have the basics in place, then you can have fun with selecting the extras that will give your home theater a memorable design. Some people use cool ambient lighting that looks like neon, something you might see in a vintage movie theater. Others may add a snack bar or a popcorn machine. Work with your designer to come up with something that truly sets your home theater apart!

Technological Aspects of Home Theater San Diego Installations

Now for even more fun (at least for some people): Selecting the technology. Although you will want the latest technology pieces for your home theater San Diego room, it’s important that you work with your designer to ensure the technology can be incorporated into the design of the room properly.

  • Internet Connection. With the popularity of streaming video options, you do not want a slow Internet connection ruining your home theater San Diego experience. You’ll want a hard-wired Internet connection in the home theater, rather than relying on Wi-Fi, as the direct connection should be faster and less sporadic in terms of quality. If you must do some rewiring of the electrical features during your home theater remodel, do the Internet wiring at the same time.
  • Screen Height. If at all possible, you’ll want the horizontal center of the screen to be at eye level for most of the people sitting in the home theater San Diego room. If you choose to have multiple seating levels in your theater room, try to split the difference between the levels in the positioning of the height of the screen.
  • Screen Size. The best screen size for your home theater room depends in large part on the size of the room you have available. You’ll want the primary seating area to be within a distance to the screen equal to 1.5 times to 3 times the distance from corner to corner of the screen. This means it’s important to think about the size of the screen you want to use when undergoing the preliminary remodeling design work.
  • Most home theater audio systems include a 5.1 surround sound layout, which means you’ll have six total speakers to place in the room. Speakers need to be placed roughly 18 inches away from any walls for maximum sound quality, so be sure to incorporate this positioning in the remodeling of your home theater San Diego project.

Getting The Best Home Theater Addition In San Diego

To really get the best home theater addition, you need a team of experienced home theater designers who can help you get a state of the art home theater and a beautifully designed room. Lars Remodeling and Design have been remodeling homes in San Diego for over 26 years. Our talented designers can help you get the home theater addition in San Diego that you’ve been dreaming of! Call or email our team to talk about your home theater design options today.