In-Law Suites: A Solution for Multi-Generational Living

If you’re thinking about having a family member move into your home, you may be looking at an in-law suite home remodel. Many homeowners find it to be a natural compromise between parents and their children. For some adult children, the idea of their senior parents living alone is disturbing. For many seniors, the idea of leaving their long-time home is a sign of surrendering their independence. Other living situations might involve an adult child moving in with parents or another sibling after a divorce, a lay-off or having a child. In the end, the in-law suite allows multiple families to live under the same roof without living in the same space.

Designs for in-law suite home additions in the San Diego area cover a broad spectrum, from a separate apartment to an adjoining suite of rooms. In-law suite additions frequently feature a bedroom, kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and living room. Ample storage is often a popular item built in to the floor plan. A design-build contractor can help the parties find a good blend of space, privacy and availability. You’ll need to decide whether to build on to the existing footprint of your home or rearrange the space you currently have to create a separate zone that fulfills your needs.

Keep in mind that any changes you make to your San Diego home will eventually affect your property value when you put it on the market. That’s a good thing for in-law additions, according to recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors.

Some elements in your new in-law suite could include:
•    Mobility and accessibility features
•    Separate exterior entrance and driveway
•    Doors separating the wings
•    Modern kitchen appliances
•    Separate thermostats and air controls

This is also an opportunity to choose new flooring, countertops, wall coverings, plumbing fixtures and other elements. To learn more about how you can add an in-law suite or San Diego room addition to your home, call our Lars Remodeling & Design office at 619-225-5527.