Incorporating Mosaic Into Your Bathroom

Custom tile work is a very fine finishing detail for any space, but it is one that discriminating homeowners really look for in the bathroom. The nature of this space make it ideal for the resilience and function of tile, and intricate mosaics and customized tile installation can elevate a simple shower or wall into a work of art. Here are some tips for incorporating mosaic into your bathroom.

Glass Tile Mosaics

When it comes to the bathroom of the home, glass tile mosaics set a high bar. There is something about the fluid look of glass that melds well with the bathroom. Glass tile is a natural component of a contemporary, high-end bathroom, and that typically includes custom tile inlay using beautiful, translucent glass tiles. Glass tiles may be often found in shower enclosures, providing a unique focal point for the whole room. Glass tiles, unlike their ceramic counterparts, catch and reflect the light to open up the space and infuse it with a healthful glow.

Ceramic Tile Mosaics

Mosaics made from ceramic tile have a versatility and resilience that homeowners really appreciate. The weight and the intricacy of these surfaces require an expert hand, which makes custom ceramic tile mosaics a more costly choice, but one that homeowners will never regret. Ceramic tile may be found on side-walls in bathrooms, but those with higher remodeling budgets may opt to have a customized mosaic design on the floor of their space for a high-end finish that will only enhance their home’s value and appeal.

Exemplary Accents

You can complement the unique mosaic finishes in your bathroom with some distinctive accents. Tile the mirror and vanity with glass, ceramic, or a combination of the two, to create alluring mosaic patterns that mimic that of the shower, tub, or floor. This creates cohesion and distinction in a master bath, but can also make a smaller bathroom feel more luxurious.


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Luxurious Furnishings

Modern interpretations of classic mosaics are emerging in the form of some luxurious furnishings that will enhance and elevate any bathroom. If you have the space for them, one-of-a-kind lamps, chairs, and dressing-benches add a focal point for the entire bathroom suite. Again, the availability of these could be limited in some regions, which adds to the overall allure and appeal of these finds.

Appealing Applications

Some other new ways to bring mosaics to life go beyond the bathroom suite and include incorporating mosaic into any patio or terrace space available. Create a whimsical entrance to the outdoors with custom glass mosaic stepping stones. Or, consider surfacing your entire patio pad with a mosaic labyrinth! Another stylish suggestion is to install tile on the fronts of the risers to any steps or stairs that may be in your home. For instance, if you have a step-up closet or a sunken tub area, use the steps to create stunning mosaics in an unexpected place.

High-end tile mosaics can have many functions and applications in the home, and the bathroom is the perfect place to show off these one-of-a-kind works of art. Custom mosaics create intrigue and allure, elevating contemporary tile designs and giving the space a distinct personality.