Incorporating The Unexpected

This year, design is all about new elements, new innovations, and new combinations. All of this innovation means a lot of new products on the market, but it also means that existing elements are being re-purposed and used in new ways. Forget everything you knew about how to use colors and design statements, because in 2012, you’ll be re-learning all of it.

Patterned Paint

Traditional paint techniques are giving way to exciting designs. These new motifs include lace, hound’s-tooth patterns, color blocking, and more. It’s becoming more uncommon to see a plain wall painted in simple colors. Even when the wall is meant to be a backdrop for the fine furnishings and other elements within the room, home remodeling in San Diego is increasingly trending toward patterns.

Black And White

Once considered stark and cold, this color combo is seeing new life. It’s dynamic in a variety of settings, but we’ve seen it a lot in tiling for San Diego home renovations. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular are favoring black and white, using designs like staggered black and white tiles, or black tiles used to make a particular pattern in an otherwise white floor.

Alternatives To Red

Red is as old as time. Why not try a new color? There are a lot of bold options on the market right now. Blues, greens, deep purples, and tangerine are all quite popular. We’ve seen a lot of rooms that incorporate shades of the same bright color. Avoiding too much of a single bright color might seem like a prime directive of San Diego home renovations, but if recent trends are any indication, sometimes this rule is meant to be broken.