Lars Remodeling & Design Proudly Supports Causelife

Did you know that every year, more than 2 million people die because they lack access to clean water? Even more tragically, most of these deaths are children. We were saddened to learn that so many people worldwide don’t have the means to fulfill this most basic need for clean water.

That’s why Lars Remodeling & Design has partnered with Causelife to help deliver this important message to the community. As San Diego remodeling contractors, we want to help open the eyes of our entire community to help the world, and Causelife does exactly that. Causelife provides a multitude of assistance options in countries where clean water is hard to find. In particular, they dig clean water wells in some of the neediest areas.

Causelife Letter from Emily

A letter from Emily, in response to our Causelife ad.

Recently, Lars Remodeling & Design provided the funding for an informational campaign to help people throughout the San Diego area better understand the plight of countries that lack clean water. We hope the campaign will help our community focus in on ways we can continue the good work of Causelife internationally through well-digging initiatives, and locally through education and sustainability programs.