Low Interest Rates Present New Opportunities

The economy is looking up, but interest rates remain at near-historic lows. This combination presents a unique opportunity for homeowners: loans are easier to get because of the brighter economic outlook, but interest rates are still attractively low. It’s a good time to think seriously about borrowing.

Since the new year, economic data and indicators have been mostly positive. Unemployment is going down, housing prices are stabilizing, and credit is becoming available once more. As you’d expect, Lars has seen an increase in San Diego home additions during this time. People are easily able to afford the remodel, and they’re choosing to put their money into their home and increase their investment.

low interest rates

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There are two common ways to finance San Diego home additions. The first is to remortgage or take out a second mortgage against the value of your home. This works best if you’ve paid off a substantial part of your current mortgage. Even if you’re not thinking of remodeling, it might be wise to look into renegotiating or adjusting your mortgage simply because the rates are so low.

Depending on the project, you may be able to leverage the second option to finance your remodeling project. Banks are sometimes willing to offer unsecured loans for expenses like remodeling. Alternatively, you may need to offer some form of collateral. What is available to you depends on a number of very personalized factors.

Whatever kind of credit you pursue, your timing is good. Interest rates are low, credit is available, and there’s nothing better to do with your money than invest it back into your home. But be sure to move quickly – the low rates may go up before long as the recovering economy is judged healthy enough to bear an increased cost for credit.