Organizing Storage Space: How to Take Back Your Garage

Most people add a garage onto their home to have a place to park their cars. Of course, the extra storage space beckons, and the garage can soon become a catch-all place for items that don’t fit in the house. This leads to keeping the garage doors down so that people can’t see what’s inside. One option is to plan ahead with garage storage space. Our design/build team can help you come up with some remodeling and reorganizing ideas that fit your lifestyle and your garage. Here are few to get you started.

Aside from a big chest with drawers, doors and wheels, tools can be a challenging part of keeping your San Diego garage organized. Small pieces, like drill bits, screwdrivers and wrenches, can be hard to find and easily lost without a special place to hold them. Use a magnetic board or bar to line up your small metallic tools.

Keeping everything on the floor can create clutter and tripping hazards. Hang up things that don’t have a specific place to call home using holders with hooks, posts or bars. Hang up bicycles, tire pumps, fishing poles, chairs and garden tools on double posts along the wall or on hooks suspended from the ceiling. Create a pull-as-you-need-it dispenser for twine, tape and lawn bags with reloadable bars affixed to the wall.

Peg Boards
For decades, peg boards have been a creative way to save space and eliminate garage clutter. They are useful for tools, like hammers and screwdrivers, as well as small gardening trowels and hole diggers. It’s also a great place to keep your hobby supplies. Nearly anything can be hung up where you can see it if it’s light enough.

When planning your home remodel, consider putting in a shelving system or having your San Diego home remodeling contractor create cubbyholes and storage bins. Store everything from extra light bulbs to balls and gloves in a place where they can be seen easily and won’t clutter up the floor.

For more ideas on how to organize your garage and make it a place where you’re not embarrassed if your guests see what’s behind closed doors, contact our Lars Remodeling & Design team. We can add a customized storage system using creative ideas and supplies or more traditional ones to suit your style.