Pet-Friendly Home Remodeling Features

If pets are an important part of your family, you’ll want to keep them in mind when planning your next home remodeling project. There are several features you can add to your home both inside and out to pamper your pets with a little more comfort and safety.

Feeding Zone
There are lots of ways to indulge your pets when it comes to feeding time. Add a protected dish area in your kitchen that’s out of the pathway of heavy foot traffic. Convenience gadgets for food and water include removable stainless steel dishes in a protected stand and a never-ending water source.

A Room of Their Own
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are about 74.1 million cats and 70 million dogs in homes across the country. If some of them are living at your house, you may want to give them a designated area or a room of their own where they can cuddle, play, eat and snooze. Provide some comfortable pet-friendly furniture that’s soft and easy to climb onto. Avoid slippery hardwood flooring that’s prone to scratches, and instead opt for surfaces that are easy to clean and don’t show the dirt. Area rugs are a popular feature for pet-friendly rooms, and so are warm floors.

Mobility and Flooring
For older pets, consider putting in ramps alongside or instead of stairs. Pet-friendly flooring throughout your San Diego home should be easy to walk on and keep clean. Short-pile carpet, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring are among pet-friendly favorites. A floor-level bathtub in the laundry room that’s easy to get in and out of can make bath time a little easier.

Purrfect for Felines
Cats love high places where they can observe the environment and be aloof. Walkways and tunnels that lead from one room to the next are a fun feature for active felines. A high window with a view and a place to roost is ideal for indoor cats who are fascinated with the outdoors. Built-in scratching posts can be added to spare furniture in the rest of the house.

Canine Creature Comforts
Dogs enjoy lower-level window seats with a soft surface to rest upon. A screened window lets in a breeze during nice weather. A doggy door provides access outside. Add hooks near the door for easy access to leashes and harnesses.

Feathers, Fins and Tails
Many birds, fish and reptiles need special temperatures and lighting for their comfort and health. Give them room to roam with an adjustable thermostat and fluorescent lighting designed for their species. Fresh and saltwater tanks or terrariums can be a bold addition to a hobby room, hallway or den. Perches for birds or special holders for their cages can add a unique dimension to any room.

Outdoor Features
A run or a fenced in area can make the world of difference for dogs who love to go outside. Factor in jumping height and depth for your full-grown pet when selecting height and style. If you think digging under the fence could be a problem, low barriers can be factored into your backyard remodel. Add in some shady spots, play areas and outdoor water features for your furriest family members.

Talk over your specific pet’s needs with your San Diego home remodeling contractor to find the right fit and the right tone for your home.