Rest Assured with a Bedroom Renovation

We are always told by those who know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. You don’t often hear bedrooms added to this strong sales duo. If these two are working well for you, but your home lacks sizzle, it might be time to see if there is a problem in the bedroom.

Bedrooms are a place to feel good in – a place to dream – and they also get one third or more of our daily time allotment. If you relegate the bedroom simply to a place to rest your weary head, you could be missing more than sweet dreams. Homeowners today yearn for an oasis of calm in a fast paced world. As a partner in building a life centred on health and wellness, the bedroom becomes the third place in the home to rejuvenate and refocus.

Creating a personal haven in your bedroom means making it more than just a quiet place to start and end the day. Of course, creating a personal space is very personal but here are some ideas to work on with your renovator.

Smart storage

Quality construction

Impeccable finish materials

Architectural elements that integrate with the rest of the house

Technology ( TV, Sound and Lighting)

The right contractor will make your special space flow seamlessly from the rest of your home.

There are many ways to make sure your bedroom does not put potential buyers to sleep. The first thing that comes to mind is think “comfort”. A fireplace, a little breakfast area and surround sound speakers go a long way in creating a haven away from the rest of the world.

A step further and you might consider a private outdoor space directly off the bedroom. Your first or last warm drink of the day, while reading the newspaper or a great book, is totally relaxing with your feet up and the sights and sounds of nature as accompaniment to your bliss.

Back inside the room, one of the most important bedroom features is lighting. Layers of lighting make every corner comfortable. Recessed potlights provide bright light when it is needed. Another option is wall sconces on either side of the bed to provide perfect reading light, without taking up space on a nightstand. Locating the switches above the night stand make it easy to turn on and off these lights without getting out of bed. A chandelier brings your personality to the room. All lights should be on dimmers.


Of course, the key to a perfectly relaxing space for personal indulgence depends upon the degree to which you can make it clutter-free. We are talking storage.

You can find ways to manage your clothes, shoes, and accessories at a wide variety of price points. It is not the place to skimp. At the very least, this area should be planned thoroughly. It is easy to dream of special items such as:

Fully appointed wall-to-wall walk in closet

Wood wrapped rods

Leather details. Custom hardware.

Crown moulding

Sandblasted glass door fronts

Perfect lighting to illuminate your daily clothes selection

Telescoping tie and scarf racks

Pullout laundry hampers

Jewellery drawers

Shoe and handbag shelves

A window with a vanity beneath. The natural light is the ideal spot for applying makeup.


The ultimate in luxury would be TWO dressing rooms. One for him. One for her.

It is wonderful to turn our imaginations to bedroom delights! But it isn’t all fantasy. At the most basic level, we have all experienced how difficult a day becomes after a poor night’s sleep. It is only logical then to assume that having consistently peaceful nights might have a tremendous impact on your life.

We hope your imagination has been sparked and that you are looking forward to creating your own personal haven. Rest assured. You’re worth it!