San Diego Dream Kitchen Remodel – Before & After

With some convincing from her grown children, our client decided it was time to upgrade and update her kitchen and build her dream kitchen with Lars Remodeling. Her home is set on over an acre of land, just east of San Diego and on a sunny, clear day, she can see the Pacific Ocean. However, her kitchen was cut off from this gorgeous view and it was time for a change.


Prior to working with Lars, this homeowner had an outdated and aged kitchen – from oak cabinets that were worn around the edges to white ceramic countertops with dark grout lines. Plus, the kitchen didn’t match the light and airiness of the rest of the home. In addition, with a growing family of children and grandchildren, there was limited hosting space in the kitchen. It was about time that she renovated her kitchen to better match the rest of her home and be able to experience her Pacific Ocean view.


The Lars team was able to create a more open kitchen by adding in a vaulted ceiling and adding larger windows and a sliding glass door. In addition, all of the tall kitchen appliances were shifted to the rear of the kitchen so that the view was not blocked. To add more seating, bar-height seats were added at the end of the kitchen, along with four countertop-height seats at the center island. Plus, we were able to update the look of the kitchen to give the house a more modern and cohesive design.

Learn more about this incredible kitchen makeover and see how we transformed a small, outdated kitchen into a dream kitchen by downloading the whitepaper below.