Tech Essentials for Your Home

Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle; if the concept of cutting-edge technology appeals to you, then your home should be equipped with the latest in gadgetry designed for the home. Fortunately, an array of products and systems awaits you. From sensor-operated trash cans to sophisticated home control centers and security systems that utilize facial recognition technology, the possibilities are as intriguing as ever.

The Fully Connected Home

The wireless sound system was viewed as groundbreaking when it first appeared on the market, but contemporary homeowners seek to implement new and exciting technologies at home. Wireless technology is still at the forefront of evolving home systems and gadgets. The smart home concept blends wireless technology with maximum convenience for residents.

One example is the Home Kit by Apple. With the Home Kit, you can use a mobile Apple device, such as an iPad or iPhone, to control every room in your house. Instead of controlling your home’s lights, locks, and garage doors with different apps (or by hand!), you can operate them from your Apple device of choice. You can even access webcams and adjust your thermostat with this system. Ready for more? The hottest trend in smart home technology is utilizing speech recognition to make commands via your device.

Advanced Home Security

Advances in home security continue to impress the judges at tech competitions. This year’s winner in the home security category could well be the Peeple. This device takes a picture of anyone who knocks on the door to your home. That image is automatically sent to your phone, enabling you to view the person at your door, whether or not you are at home. This is a great security feature, especially because it offers peace of mind for when the kids are home alone!

Another new product is the Welcome by Netamo. This security camera features facial recognition technology: when members of your household arrive, you are alerted. When a stranger comes to your door, you receive a different alert. An app enables you to determine arrival times at your home, and you also have the option of streaming a live feed and watching it in real time.

Kitchen Conveniences

Technology companies and appliance manufacturers are working hard to bring luxury and convenience to the kitchens of 2015. You may not consider a blender to be a cutting-edge appliance, but that perception could be challenged when you try the latest blender by Blendtec. You can program this appliance according to your preferences, and it’s touchscreen-operated. With its 1700-watt motor, this blender could quickly become your favorite kitchen appliance.

The Sensor Can by simplehuman is a trash can that opens when you wave your hand from any angle. The can is available in models that are either rectangular or semicircular. It’s fingerprint-resistant and comes in an attractive silver hue.

Innovative Clean-Air Technology

The Leaf air purifier by Vigilant offers premium air filtration that you can control wirelessly. You can program this appliance from any location as long as you are able to use your tablet or smartphone. The Leaf has sensors that measure particles in the air, and it then extracts them with its precision filtration technology.

Sleep Well

This year’s Sleep Number bed enables you to monitor your sleeping patterns. The trademarked SleepIQ technology tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, and movement as you sleep, and based on that information, you’ll even get tips on how you can sleep better. You can also adjust the mattress via a wireless remote control device.

Smart Parking

If you have more vehicles than parking space, you’ll appreciate the CarDok. This unique technology doubles your parking space instantly by allowing you to park one vehicle on top of another. The top surface can be styled to resemble the surface of your driveway, enabling you to discreetly park a vehicle underground.

The modern home is moving in an increasingly exciting direction. Current technology offers homeowners much to consider. The latest tech gadgets and systems can help make your home a place you never want to leave.