The Importance Of Details

When a lot of homeowners consider remodeling, they immediately focus on the structural aspects of the job. That’s only logical: after all, a strong foundation is the base for everything else. The most beautiful detailing won’t look right if it isn’t properly supported. However, the structure isn’t everything, and focusing on it too much can lead homeowners to ignore vitally important details.

Your Finish Is All About Details

In San Diego remodeling, it’s often the details that make the entire project. Your structure is rarely visible at the end of the job. Everything has been covered by drywall, painted, tiled, or otherwise covered by materials designed to create a beautiful finished product. It is these items, not the underlying structure that supports them, that will be seen every day. They are what give a room its feeling and flavor. They are the architectural elements and the design elements that make it truly stand out. And yet they’re all too often neglected.

Spend Time On The Little Things

It can be tempting to rush into a home remodeling project once you have the basic structure determined but before all the details are worked out. This is a recipe for projects that will yield imperfect results at the end. Take time and plan all your details before you ever break ground or start demolition.

Choose Contractors Who Appreciate Structure And Detail

A lot of San Diego remodeling companies have a strong emphasis on structure or detail, but not both. At Lars Remodeling & Design, we have always believed that the two must always go hand in hand. We start with a strong structural design, and then we finish with impeccable detail work. Having just one aspect of the work be outstanding isn’t enough. Both the structure and the finish have to shine in order for you to get the best value out of your San Diego remodeling project.