The Ultimate Guide to a Stunning Remodel: Exterior


Remodeling the exterior of your property is a like a puzzle, where each piece fits together to create the beautiful finished home. Whether you’re planning on a full exterior remodel or just updating a key feature, you’ll need to think about these three areas before starting:


The cost of exterior remodeling varies greatly depending on the size of the project and the type of materials used. Before you begin your remodel you should create a list of the exterior remodeling projects you’d like to complete and decide whether they are a necessity or a desire. If you need to make cuts to have the project fit within a budget this list will make it easier to know which updates you’d be willing to sacrifice and which are non-negotiable.

Structural Integrity

To successfully update the exterior of your home you need to start with a solid foundation. Is your home structurally unsound? Are foundation or building structure repairs going to be required in the next few years? If the answer to either of these questions is yes you should consider repairing these problems before taking on exterior projects like window replacements or siding updates.

Professional Help

Just like all remodeling tasks, when you take on exterior projects it’s important to know your limits. Smaller remodeling projects like painting your front door are within the abilities of many homeowners, however, if you’re planning on undertaking bigger exterior remodeling tasks then it’s important to seek professional help from an experienced remodeling contractor.

Choosing Your Exterior Remodeling Upgrades

There are many changes that can be made to the exterior of your home. You may be looking to update just a few things or trying to completely change the exterior look of your home. Read through the following options to see which changes could help you get the exterior remodel you’ve dreamed of!


Doors are often the neglected item when it comes to making exterior remodeling decisions. But the latest trend for bright doors that add a pop of color to otherwise neutral houses should make you take notice of this essential exterior remodel item! Start your planning by choosing the material you want your door to be made of­—price and maintenance needs will help you narrow down what type of material will best fit your needs. The material may limit your options when it comes to color but you still have a variety of choice!

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Replacing windows is a substantial investment in your home but one that is well worth the cost if your existing windows are an energy drain. New windows can improve insulation, add value, reduce heating costs, and add style to your home. If you’re thinking of increasing the size of any of the windows, doing it as part of the remodel will save you costs in the long run. Window frames are available in a range of materials from wood to vinyl. Choose frames that fit the style of your home and offer good energy efficiency. The glass is arguably the most important part of any window, for good energy efficiency you should aim for argon filled double pained panels. Good quality windows will display an energy efficiency rating. If you live in a historic property and want to keep the original wooden frames, you can look to other methods such as high-quality storm windows to add extra insulation.


Choosing your siding can feel overwhelming with such a wide range of materials and colors available. Siding serves two key functions: protecting your home and contributing to the finished look of the building. There are many types of siding materials available, from traditional wood to modern vinyl. Each material offers unique advantages and disadvantages in addition to providing their own distinct look. Your choice should be based on both the maintenance requirements and the style of the product, and in budget-conscious situations, the cost. Bold colored vinyl can completely change the feel of your home and give a modern edge, brick siding helps your home take on a traditional look. Think about the finish you want for your property. Do you want it to fit into your neighborhood? If so you’ll want to follow similar style choices to the surrounding properties. Are you looking to make your home stand out? Choose a material that makes your home unique in the area.


Although the cost of re-roofing your home can quickly add up, it’s one of the smartest investments you can make in your property. A leaking roof opens your home up to water damage problems that can be time-consuming and costly to fix. Gone are the days of boring black roofs-with affordable options now available in every color. There is also a variety of materials to choose from including asphalt, clay, and metal. Explore your options to find a style that complements your home and offers the features you’re looking for. Replacing your roof with an energy efficient option cannot only save you money on energy bills but also add value to your home. You might also want to consider adding solar panels to your roof remodel. Solar panels can lower your utility bills and make your property greener.


Landscaping can do amazing things for both the functionality and the curb appeal of your home. The options are endless for potential landscaping projects. When planning your landscape changes think about how you currently use and how you would like to use your yard. Are you looking to create a space to entertain in? Or perhaps a place for your family to relax? Maybe your goal is as simple as adding curb appeal? Decks, patios, pools, lawns, outdoor kitchens, play areas, and hideaway retreats are all ways to extend your living space outside to make the best use of your home.

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Lighting can really add life to your home after the sun goes down. Many people make the mistake of using lighting as a purely functional feature when it can add an extra dimension to your home’s look. If you’re completing a full external renovation you should plan ahead to make sure you have the wiring in place before new siding etc. is complete in order to prevent additional costs and time in the future. Think about where you want to add lighting for both functionality and design. Light up walls, and line pathways to make your home both beautiful and accessible.

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If you’d like to discuss your exterior remodel options or would like a designer to bring together a finished look for your remodel aspirations call Lars Remodeling & Design today. Our team of talented designers are here to bring your exterior remodel plans to life!