Thinking Outside the Box: Create More Space With Home Additions

When it comes to creating more space in your home, you might be baffled as to how it’s possible. If everything is compact and cramped, how can you create more space in the house you already have? The answer is to think outside the box — literally. A home addition can relieve some of the demand on the space you already have while maximizing the use of your property. San Diego home additions can be accomplished in two different ways, by building out or building up.

Building Out
The most common home addition involves creating new rooms and wings on the sides and back of the house. This makes plenty space for the large kitchen you’ve always wanted or extra bedrooms for the kids. Add another bathroom in the new space or double the size of the one you already have by taking out a wall and putting in a bathtub. Another option is to build a new kitchen at the back of your existing San Diego home. You can knock out the walls of your present kitchen and create a larger living room with the adjoining space.

Building Up
If you don’t have the space to add on to the back or sides of your house due to property lines and zoning restrictions, you’re not as limited as you might think. Add a second story above your existing single-story footprint. Put a room over your garage or extend the upstairs bedrooms over the first floor kitchen space. These can double your square footage without infringing on your property lines. Add in a stairway to connect the new rooms from the first floor to the second – or even a third — for convenience and improved functionality.

If you yearn for more living space, San Diego remodeling contractor, Lars Remodeling & Design can rearrange what you have and add more. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to help you realize the possibilities.