Tips For Remodeling Right? It’s always best to keep it clean.


The issue of construction debris from your home renovation could bring you attention you were not looking for. Worker injuries, property damage and even law suits have been known to result from poorly managed renovation projects. Keeping the area organized and clutter-free is crucial to the smooth operation of your project. Productivity and work quality can be severely compromised if everyone connected with the job has to navigate a dangerous obstacle course in addition to carrying out their work assignments.

Don’t wait until there has been an accident or work is shut down to consider how to manage demolition waste and the ongoing piles of incoming and outgoing construction materials. From the beginning, clearly outline in your contract who is responsible for waste removal and housekeeping expectations.

With advance planning and preparation, avoiding these negatives can be as simple as a daily clean up of construction materials and garbage. The primary goal is to protect workers as well as neighbors and other community members against falls and injuries caused by stray objects or debris.

The potential for injury from nails sticking out of cast off 2×4 lumber or tottering piles of scrap lumber rises dramatically when unassuming or unaware visitors enter the property. There will be numerous people on your site from your contractor, trades people and subcontractors to building inspectors and even a curious neighbour or two. Unwary is one thing but unprotected could bring your project to an unfortunate end.

Proper signage and safety precautions will ensure that work proceeds without property damage or personal injuries.

A tidy work site cuts down the risks, but it can be an intimidating task if no plan is in place from the outset.

The simplest scenario is to make sure there are appropriate bins on site. These are replaced when they’re full to prevent any backup and to keep the site clear for workers. Appropriate recycling by the providers of the bins means it is always worth it to hire companies with the right tools and experience.

When everything is organized and maintained properly, the neighborhood is not presented with an eyesore and creeping, or blowing pieces of garbage don’t blow into or topple onto neighboring lawns, fences or vehicles. Making sure children in the area are safe is priority one in bringing construction into the neighborhood.

Your renovation project is a huge undertaking and when you work with experienced professionals from the get go, you can rest assured that your project and the construction site will be managed in the safest way possible – for the protection of everyone.

Good neighbor relations are as important to the outcome of the renovation as the interior and exterior improvements you are undertaking. The inconvenience of noise, vehicle traffic and the inevitable disruption of routines are easier to accept if those who are involved are keeping trash and construction debris from adding to the workload of nearby neighbours or business owners.

Plan to keep your renovation site clean because, at the end of the day, you want to live happily in your remodeled home, but also, in your community.