Top Design Practices for Your Guest Room

Homeowners in the greater San Diego area certainly receive their fair share of visitors, and that’s no surprise, given the region’s pleasant climate and the city’s many attractions.
Your large, luxuriously appointed house will be a much more enjoyable place for people to stay than in a local hotel, since you can offer both a touch of class and all the comforts of home.

To give your visitors an experience they won’t soon forget, you’ll want to design the guest room with features that make them feel at ease and even pampered. Here are the top design practices for your guest room to keep in mind as you prepare your renovation or remodeling project.guest bedroom

 Provide Plenty of Extra Storage Space

When your guests arrive, they may be worn out from their trip and ready to quickly settle in. Make sure that you provide plenty of room so they can unpack all their items and not have to live out of their suitcases. A closet and chest of drawers are de rigueur.

When space is a premium, you can install drawers under the bed and put some shelving into the closet to accommodate more items.

Include a Small Bathroom

It’s classy to include a bathroom that connects directly to the guest room. Visitors won’t have to wait to use the bathroom down the hall, for example, or worry about finding their way in the dark when everyone else is asleep.

Make sure to fill the bathroom with your guests’ favorite soaps, shampoos and other amenities. This will ensure that their stay with you will rival the comforts provided by nearby hotels, whose staff will lack insight into your visitors’ desires.

Art and Decorations

The paint or wallpaper you select for the guest room will influence the mood, so you will probably want to go with something light and relaxing. Your design team will consult with you to figure out the best color palette to work with, so that the guest room will reflect the overall style of your home.

Let the sea inspire what decorations you add, such as a large, beautiful shell or art pieces that incorporate sand and pebbles or driftwood.

Artwork that you hang on the walls can reflect the ocean community of San Diego, such as paintings of seascapes or photos of places like the gardens in Balboa Park and the historic buildings of Gaslamp Quarter.

Add a Private Door to the Backyard

If the guest room will connect to the backyard, consider adding a private door so your visitors can go outside without having to walk through another part of the house to find the sliding glass door.

Sunny Disposition

It’s fair to assume that many of your guests will be visiting in part to enjoy the beautiful, mild climate of San Diego. If your home has a good view of the ocean and the guest room will be facing toward the waves, you’ll want to add a large window to let in plenty of sunlight and fresh, ocean breezes.

Otherwise, you can give them sunshine by installing a skylight in the ceiling. Not only does this make the room more beautiful, it will help cut down on your utility bills when guests don’t need to use electric lights during the day.

Setting up a guest room is not a task that homeowners should take lightly. To ensure that the guest room will have an inviting appearance that makes visitors feel at home while staying with you, it pays to go with a team of professional designers with experience in contemporary home remodeling. For details on our design process or to schedule a free consultation to design a new guest room for your home in San Diego, please contact the experts at Lars Remodeling today.