Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Home Remodel

Home Remodel in Oceanside CA

Every year, Americans spend thousands of dollars on home improvements and renovations. Are you interested in joining them and remodeling your home?

Before you move forward with a home remodel, it’s important to spend some time putting together a plan for the project. This will help you ensure you know exactly what you want to get out of the remodel. Not sure where to begin when it comes to planning a home remodel? Keep reading for the ultimate guide that will make the process much easier.

Know Your Goals

Many people know that they want to remodel their home and make changes so that it better suits their tastes. What they don’t know, though, is what kind of changes they want to make and what their specific tastes are. Start by thinking about what you want to get out of your home remodel.

Which areas of the house do you want to update? Is there a particular style that you really like?

Spend some time researching and figuring out exactly what you like and want before you dive into a home remodel. It can also be helpful to meet with a design professional to go over your preferences and how you can turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Think About Financing

It’s great to know what you want to do when you begin remodeling your house. It’s important to also think about what you can afford.

How are you going to pay for the remodel? Will you use cash? A home equity loan? Financing?

There are many different financing options available to homeowners who want to make changes. Make sure you know which option you’re going to utilize before you begin planning the remodel, though. Ask your top design-build firms about financing opportunities.

Set a Budget But Be Realistic

Once you know how you’re going to be paying for the home remodel and what you can afford to spend, it’s time to put together a budget that compares to remodeling prices in your area and similar to the type of project you are anticipating.

When you’re creating a budget for your home remodel, be sure to factor in the costs of the specific home improvement projects you want to complete. Think about the cost of materials and labor, too.

Don’t forget to factor in other expenses like the cost of eating out while your kitchen is being redone or the cost of hotels if you can’t sleep in your home during the remodel.

When you’re constructing a budget for your home remodel, it’s tempting to look for ways to save money.

Remember, though, that it’s often worth it to spend more in order to get a better end result. Paying more for a higher level of service can also ensure that the remodeling process goes more smoothly and will minimize your stress.

Check Your Calendar

There’s never a totally convenient time to schedule a home remodel. There may be certain times that are better than others, though, for example during the summer when there is less rain, or perhaps when there is less likelihood of family visiting.

Check your calendar and try to plan your remodel so that it causes the fewest disruptions to your schedule.

If you want your home to be ready for a specific event, work backward from that date and give yourself plenty of wiggle room in case there are any delays along the way.

Do Some Research

When you’re looking for a contractor to help you plan your home remodel, be sure to do your research to learn about the design-build contractors in your area who have the best reputation and the best support team. Ask around and talk to friends and family members to find out who they hired to handle their remodels and what their experience was like.

Consider all the benefits you will get with a full-service design-build team when you are doing your research. Will they provide you with access to designers and educational workshops to teach you about the remodeling process and how to really understand how to get the kind of home you’ve always wanted? Do they offer low-cost overruns and a high probability of completing the job on time?

These differences matter when you’re investing in a home remodel. Don’t just focus on finding the lowest price. Think about what you’re going to get when you pay that price as well.

Reconsider the DIY Approach

It may be tempting to try and cut corners by handling some aspects of the remodel yourself. Remember, though, that trying to DIY a home renovation is a big undertaking and most likely a costly mistake. You could even end up spending more money trying to fix your mistakes. Know your limits and know what you can and can’t handle. It’ll end up being better for everyone involved if you spend the money to have an expert take care of the remodel for you. You can still be involved in the planning process, certainly, but it’s best to leave the actual redesign and renovations to the professionals.

Think About Who Will Handle the Remodel

When you work with a great design-build company, you gain access to great professionals that know how to make the process smooth and top notch. Whether you have children, pets, or just want to have complete trust in the people you’re paying to spend hours per day in your home, it’s important to consider the people the design-build firm employs.

Work with a company that only brings on the best talent and workers. They should keep dust to a minimum, and there should many people working on the project to get it completed as soon as possible.

They should also be sensitive to your pets and your specific needs as a homeowner. For example, you don’t want to have to worry about a worker cursing on the job in front of your kids, do you?

Consider the ROI

When you start thinking about which renovations you want to address first, it helps to consider which ones will give you the greatest return on your investment. Renovations that improve your home’s energy efficiency tend to increase the value of your home quite a bit, as do changes to the exterior. Updates to the kitchen and bathrooms are big selling points as well.

It’s often worth it to invest more in these areas since they have the greatest potential to increase the resale value of your home. If you spend extra to design these areas as exactly as you’ve always wanted them, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your home, too!

Start Planning Your Home Remodel Today

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re planning a home remodel. If you remember these tips, though, you’re going to have an easier time deciding what you want to get out of your home remodel if you take the time to create a plan and find the right design team now.

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