5 Design Tips for a Perfect Kitchen Remodel


When hosting a small get-together or throwing a large party in Coronado, the kitchen tends to be the perfect spot for friends and family to gather. You may wonder, is it possible to design the kitchen of your dreams

Kitchen trends change year after year. To make sure your renovation stays on-trend and turns out the way you want it, here are a few expert design tips from a local home remodeling company to keep in mind.

How do you design the kitchen of your dreams?

Nail your upcoming kitchen renovation with these top design tips and new kitchen ideas

1. Form meets function

The highest priority on most people’s lists is a well-organized kitchen. Cooking becomes more enjoyable when the space is safe and decluttered.

Apart from being more aesthetically pleasing, properly organized kitchens are also easier to maintain. With cabinets, for instance, you have the option of choosing various storage options, such as custom swing-out shelves, dedicated drawers for silverware and miscellaneous items, an organized pantry, and more. 

2. Use bright color palettes How do you design the kitchen of your dreams?

Bring out the natural light and brighten up your kitchen by using bright colors. Neutral-toned kitchens have become increasingly popular, often featuring colorful appliances, mosaic backsplashes, or eye-catching floor tiles. Different materials and elements can also work well with vibrant colors, such as navy blue or different shades of pink.

3. Bring iconic appliances to the kitchen

Most kitchens serve more than one purpose. Not only is it an aesthetic space, but it is also where you cook and entertain. With just a few sophisticated products such as a smart dishwasher, a food-preserving refrigerator, or a quality ice maker, you can give your kitchen an on-trend, modern and updated look while enhancing your kitchen space for an ideal spot to meal-prep, work, or relax. Using these features for a while may make you wonder how you ever lived without them. 

4. Think of low-maintenance countertops 

Choosing a low-maintenance countertop doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a stunning kitchen. Choosing a non-porous countertop will help you maintain a sparkling clean kitchen with less effort. Porcelain and quartz are the most popular choices amongst homeowners due to their durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

5. Add optimal lighting

No kitchen remodel is complete without adequate lighting for both safety and ambiance. Under-cabinet lights play a crucial role in kitchen design by providing task lighting for cooking or food preparation. They’re also a great way to set the mood for the perfect ambiance. To stay on-trend with today’s technology, connect your lights to your home assistant for easy access.  

Where in Coronado can I find a reliable home remodeling company that offers expert kitchen remodels?

Where in Coronado can I find a reliable home remodeling company that offers expert kitchen remodels?If you don’t know how to redo your home in proper order or want to reach out to a local team of professionals that can help you combine style and functionality and bring your vision to life, look no further.  

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