A 9-Step Guide to a Full Kitchen Remodel

In what order should you remodel your kitchen?You have bought all the necessary supplies and prepared everything to transform your kitchen. You might even have a clear picture what the final result should look like. However, do you know where to start? Should you install the flooring before or after you assemble and introduce new cabinets?

It’s definitely best to check local contractors in Encinitas that render comprehensive kitchen remodeling services. Read on to avoid some common renovation mistakes, and learn the correct steps to reach the best outcome:  

What order should you remodel your kitchen? 

After you have laid out a thorough and comprehensive plan that should include a precise design of your new space and your budget, any seasoned contractor or interior designer will give you the following advice: start by removing everything you can’t reuse or refurbish, paint the walls, replace flooring and finally, install new cabinets. 

Let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step process in detail:  

  1. Remove old cabinets and appliances. Before you start any construction or remodeling work, make sure to choose whether to refurbish existing elements or to buy new ones. 
  2. Configure plumbing and electrical. If there is one area in your remodel that you should absolutely consult a professional on, this is it. Plumbing and electrical work must be done properly and most importantly, must meet current residential building code standards to not only ensure the safety of the home and occupants, but to avoid issues in the future should you decide to sell your home. Working with your team, you’ll have the opportunity to determine the best position of water fixtures, as well as height of light fixtures and number of electric outlets needed for your appliances and daily use.
  3. Paint the walls. Once the pipes and wires have been installed and secured, painters need to prepare and paint the walls. If you’re adding new flooring and removing all cabinets, you don’t have to worry about protecting the area underneath. 
  4. Install new flooring. While some homeowners stick to the trick of adding a new layer of tiles on top of the old ones, the end result is likely to look awkward. It’s much wiser to completely remove old tiles or hardwood and install new flooring. 
  5. Install new kitchen cabinets. Once your walls are painted and new flooring in place, your cabinets need to be assembled and mounted to the wall. 
  6. Install countertops. With cabinets in place, countertops are next on the list. Choose an option that will serve as a centerpiece of your kitchen space. 
  7. Place appliances. Your refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher, oven need to be carefully installed to fit the cabinets. Again, working with a professional can save a lot of headache when it come to measuring and installing.
  8. Affix cabinet hardware. The next step is to attach hardware to your cabinets: handles, knobs, pullers, and hangers. 
  9. Add backsplash. Once everything else is in place, you’ll know the exact height and position where to add the backsplash. 

Once the process is complete, you can introduce some special touches. This will not only boost the convenience and make your cooking time pleasurable, but will also increase the resale value of your residence

When remodeling a kitchen, do you do floors or cabinets first?

When remodeling a kitchen, do you do floors or cabinets first?As you can clearly see on the above list, any flooring work is a higher priority than cabinet replacement. If you install cabinets first and then try to do the floors, there’s a risk of damaging the fronts. In addition, when removing old tiles or hardwood, fine dust can easily get into cabinets, which would be an unnecessary inconvenience.  

Besides, if you’re going for a more customized design or a budget-friendly option, you can paint over old floor tiles to fit your new cabinets. It’s best to consult with a designer to achieve the best result in the scope of your requirements and budget. 

Does your Encinitas home need high-quality kitchen remodeling services?

Does your Encinitas home need high-quality kitchen remodeling services?When you’re in need of a prompt update of your house, it’s vital to seek a company that can address your requirements precisely and with expertise. Fortunately, whether you’re living near the Cardiff Kook or anywhere else in Encinitas, you can count on Lars Remodeling & Design.

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