Room Addition Ideas for a Growing Family

Room Addition Ideas for a Growing Family

Whoever came up with “the more, the merrier” definitely wasn’t thinking of a big family crammed inside a compact home. While a modest house can easily accommodate a family when kids are small, as your family grows, you’ll find yourself needing more and more space.  If your existing home in La Jolla no longer meets your needs, custom room additions can be a great alternative to moving.

Thanks to a top-quality room addition, you’ll be able to stay in your neighborhood with the added benefits of having more space at your disposal. Read on to discover five of the best room addition ideas for your growing family and start planning your project.

What are the best room addition ideas for growing families?

If you don’t like the idea of house hunting and moving, you’re not alone – especially in this market! Most homeowners prefer staying put and updating their property instead. There are certain types of room additions that are particularly suitable for families with young children. Here are a few that could be especially useful for you.

What are the best room addition ideas for growing families1. Additional bedrooms

Your little ones need a place to call their own. While they may be okay with sharing their bedroom with their siblings while they’re very young, as soon as they hit puberty, they’ll want some privacy. If you have a loft or even a basement that isn’t being used at full capacity,  it may be time to convert it into a bedroom wing for the kids.

2. A fun playroom

Your children may already have cozy bedrooms of their own, but not enough room to play at home. If you’re fed up with your living room being cluttered with kids’ toys, a brand new playroom would likely be a great pick. Fill it up with their favorite play equipment and the rest of the house will be tidier than ever before.

3. More storage space

Kids need a lot of clothes, shoes, toys, and other necessities, and you need plenty of space to store them. For example, this added storage may take the shape of walk-in wardrobes that connect to their bedrooms. This means there will be no more clothes hanging on chairs or toys scattered on the floor.

4. A bigger living area

If you spend most of your time together as a family in your living room, chatting, playing, and watching movies, you may benefit from a more spacious open-plan design. This will be the perfect place to bond with your loved ones and throw get-togethers. Assess your needs and determine whether you need a small-scale bump-out or a more extensive solution.

5. A full-scale second-story addition

If you’re really strapped for space, consider a second-story addition, which will extend your space considerably. There will be room for extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage, which will add a lot of value to your property and make your lifestyle much more convenient.

Where in La Jolla can I find experts in custom room additions?

Where in La Jolla can I find experts in custom room additionsLars Remodeling & Design has been in the business for over three decades, which makes us some of the most experienced and most proficient remodelers in La Jolla and the nearby areas. Our team designs, builds, and manages projects with ease and skill, preventing any unforeseen issues from arising

You can schedule your consultation with our experts, show us around your home, and let’s think of the finest solutions together. Your family will finally be able to feel cozy at home and have solutions tailored specifically to their needs. 

Whether you’d like to add a whole new floor on top of your house or transform a guest bedroom into a nursery, we’ll be there for you to safeguard you from costly mistakes. Take your kids to La Jolla Shores and have a fun day out while we’re working on your project.