Learn Important Tips For A Smooth Remodel

Deciding to start a remodel can seem overwhelming. We have designed this workshop to help you understand the remodeling process.

We will answer all your questions and some that you may not have thought of, including:

  • How to hire the right team for my project?
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when remodeling?
  • Permits and property taxes and how they are connected?
  • How long will your project take?
  • How much will my project cost (really…)?
  • Transformations – before and after.

December 8, 2018

9:00am - 11:30am

At Lars Remodeling & Design

5925 Kearny Villa Road
San Diego - CA - 92123

Seating is limited

For more information, please register below or call (858) 279-6300

Hosted breakfast will be served.

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