How to Avoid 7 Big Redecorating Mistakes


When you couple grand redecorating ideas, minor to non-existent redecorating experience, and lack of adequate help from a trusted remodeling company in San Diego, you have the potential to make mistakes, and big ones. Mistakes that can be costly and if at all possible, would be best to avoid.

But how? If you’re already lacking experience to be aware of the potential pitfalls you can make while engrossed in your home remodeling project, how will you know when to stop and prevent a mistake from occurring? With professional help, of course, and a piece or two of advice you’ll find here.

What are the common redecorating mistakes to avoid?

Redecorating, especially if it’s your first time doing it, does carry with it a fair amount of potential mistakes you can make. That is why it’s always important to do your own extensive research and gain an understanding of things to avoid.

Selecting paint first

While paint is one of the most important aspects of the entire remodeling process, don’t  jump the gun and choose the paint palette for your new home first. Settle on essential selections such as tile and flooring first and work on your paint choices from there, as this makes it easier to coordinate colors using a fan deck or paint chips than doing it before.

Purchasing furniture without detailed measurements

Can you imagine your utter disappointment of bringing in all the fresh pieces of furniture into your freshly-remodeled home only to find out it doesn’t fit the way it’s supposed to? This is why you need to pay utmost attention to carefully measuring the space in your home and choose the furniture according to the measurements you’ve taken.

Not shopping around

While it may sound tempting to make various shopping tasks for renovating your home a bit easier by buying at a single location, this is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Not only could you potentially find similar pieces of furniture at lower prices at another spot, but you could also miss out on a perfect piece by not spending a bit more energy into shopping around.

Buying entire sets

Now this is also a big design no-no. While it can be tempting to buy sets for different rooms in your home, as they are designed to work well together, almost all designers would advise against this. Instead, choose a major piece of furniture first, and then work your way around it by choosing pieces that not only coordinate well with it, but lend a sense of customization and meaning to your space. This will give your rooms a more personal touch.

Not making bold choices

Constantly playing it safe will leave you with a well-organized home that lacks spark. This is why you should not be afraid of making a bold choice or two during your remodel. Take a risk every now and again and don’t be that afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Making only bold choices

That being said, it is a good idea to refrain from going full-on bold all the time with every single choice during your renovation. This runs the risk your home resembling a mish-mash of different design choices that ultimately over or underwhelm. While it’s great to take a risk or two, it is in no way great to overdo it.

Holding onto the past

If it doesn’t work anymore, let it go. Just because something was “in” at a certain point doesn’t mean you should keep holding on to it. Now is a time to refresh and let go of past trends, embracing updated style choices that will make your home look contemporary and fresh.

Where do I find a remodeling company from San Diego that will help me not make mistakes?

When you’re inexperienced in the sometimes not-so-subtle art of remodeling, it’s easy to fall victim to many of the mistakes mentioned here. However, if you hire a reputable home remodeling company such as Lars Remodeling & Design to help you out, you can feel confident that you will not make any mistakes whatsoever.

Why? Because we have many years of experience performing a wide selection of comprehensive home remodels, from varied stylish room additions services to various functional kitchen remodeling projects. Whatever type of remodeling work you’re looking to do, we’re the company for you. Reach out to us today!