Mastering the Art of Mixing & Matching Wood During a Remodel

How do you combine different types of wood

Combining diverse wood shades in a home might seem like walking a tightrope of design finesse. However, once perfected, this art can turn a space from ordinary to truly extraordinary. 

For many homeowners in Rancho Bernardo, the allure of mixing wood tones is undeniable. After all, using just one wood shade throughout can feel somewhat limiting. The magic lies not just in mixing wood tones in their space, but in striking that impeccable balance.

How do you combine different types of wood?

Identify Your Dominant Wood Tone

Before adding that chic coffee table or those sleek barstools, take a panoramic view of your room. What wood shade stands out? It could be your floor, your cabinets, or even the majestic window frames. If you’re drawing a blank, your most dominant wooden furniture is likely your guide. Knowing this helps you seamlessly integrate other wood elements, ensuring they complement, not compete. 

Look for Common Undertones

That subtle hue you spot in your wood? That’s the undertone, the wood’s subtle hue or its “whispered secret”. If you’re seeing hints of red, orange, or a sprinkle of yellow, you’re in the warm zone. Blues or grays? That’s a cool undertone. And a predominant beige feel? You’re in the neutral camp. Harmonizing these undertones is the key to a well-blended design. And if things seem overwhelming with too many wood shades or finishes, remember: a touch of sanding and staining can bring unity. What company specializes in home remodels in Rancho Bernardo

Consider the Wood Grain Pattern 

Every wood grain tells a story. It’s the wood’s signature. For instance, oak proudly displays a wide grain, whereas maple and birch offer a more delicate grain pattern. When blending, you can either harmonize similar grains or mix a pronounced grain with a subtle one to add flair.

Pondering the ambiance? Open-grained woods like oak exude a relaxed, rustic vibe. In contrast, fine-grained woods like maple spell sophistication, making them favorites in classic or contemporary settings.

Decide on a Unified or Diverse Palette 

With your dominant wood tone and its undertones in mind, it’s playtime. Do you want a symphonic blend or a daring contrast of shades? Your choice will either envelop you in a soothing rhythm or showcase your audacious style.

Maintain a Good Balance

Achieving harmony is the ultimate goal. For instance, if a deep, soulful walnut dominates, consider lightening the mood with hints of ash or pine. The idea is not to let one shade steal the limelight, but to create an ensemble that’s pleasing to the eye.

Embarking on a wood-mixing journey might seem daunting, but with these tips, you’re equipped to turn your space into a masterpiece of layered wood tones. Dive in, and let the woods work their magic.

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