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Lars Remodeling & Design Bathroom Remodel to bring luxury and style back into your home.

Before and after bathroom remodels by Lars Remodeling & Design

With so many styles, fixtures, finishes, and fittings available, it can be hard to narrow down what you really want your remodeled bathroom to look like. Lars Remodeling & Design have been designing and remodeling kitchens in the San Diego area for over 26 years. We’ve built a team of talented designers and incredible craftsmen who excel at bringing a homeowner’s bathroom ideas to life. This combination of talented individuals enables us to manage your bathroom remodel project from start to finish and create a bathroom you’ll love to spend time in. Each bathroom remodel is designed from scratch to integrate your needs and desires while maximizing the use of space. One of the things we love about San Diego is the eclectic range of home styles, and our designers excel at creating bathroom remodel plans that fit your home’s style. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel but aren’t sure how your bathroom layout and style could be changed, our before and after bathroom remodeling pictures are a great place to start. The Lars Remodeling & Design team has designed and remodeled many bathrooms in San Diego homes. We’ve created a bathroom remodel gallery showing before and after bathroom remodel pictures to show you some of our favorite projects.

Lars Remodeling & Design bathroom gallery

Our bathroom remodel gallery shows just a small amount of the bathrooms remodeled by the Lars Remodeling & Design team over the last 26 years. There’s no better way to get inspiration for your bathroom remodel than to look over our San Diego bathroom makeover gallery. We’ve included a range of before and after bathroom remodeling pictures to show you the variety of room styles the team has worked on in the past. One of the great things about a before and after bathroom remodel gallery is that it shows you just how transformable and versatile a bathroom space is. In fact, you may be underestimating just how much potential your bathroom space has. Our bathroom remodel gallery is also a fantastic way to see many bathroom options all in one place, helping you to brainstorm remodeling ideas for your home.

Create your bathroom oasis with Lars Remodeling & Design

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be a practical room in your home, it can be a hideaway retreat to de-stress and relax in after a hard week. Whether you’re looking to add a bathroom, remodel the family bathroom, or turn your master bath into a spa oasis, Lars Remodeling & Design can help. Take a look through our bathroom remodel gallery to see which of the styles and features you find most appealing. These before and after bathroom remodeling pictures are a small selection of the bathroom remodels our team has worked on. So if you don’t see the exact style you are looking for don’t worry, we can still help! Contact us today for a free bathroom remodel consultation.