Douglas L.

My wife and I are remodeling our house and engaged Lars construction because we had heard very good things about the company. We were welcomed with a great deal of warmth by Jason Larson, the owner and his staff. It was unbelievable to us the amount of information and insight that Jason has, he didn’t hold back even though our project was more a smattering of a number of items as opposed to a major renovation moving walls and involving an area such as a major overhaul of a kitchen or bathroom(s). In the end, after providing a great deal of valuable information on a wide variety of techniques and resources, we found ourselves using our own trades people to do the more minor work. But, even after Jason realized that he was not going to get the job, he just couldn’t help himself and continued to offer suggestions while, at the same time, offering even more assistance in our efforts to get the job done at the least expense and with competent support from local resources. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jason and his staff and will engage him and his company when we take a bigger step in remodeling our home. We believe we have a debt to him because of the many suggestions he had about our work. He seems more like a good friend than a mere purveyor and that goes a long way with us. We recommend Lars construction and look forward to working with Jason and company when we take on the larger project.