Sorrento Valley Home Remodeling And Design

Sorrento Valley is a diverse community where many residents stay busy with work, family, and friends. With so much going on, make your home an oasis where you can relax. Lars Remodeling & Design can help you make changes that will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable both inside and out. We’ll use our experience, skill, and expertise to develop a plan that transforms your home into a place where you love to be.

Making a Smart Investment with Your Home Remodel

Whether you stay in your home or you decide to sell your house in a few years, remodeling changes can improve your quality of life as long as you’re living there. Long-term and short-term investments can also increase your property value when the time eventually comes to sell your home. Custom kitchen remodeling projects and home additions are just two of the value boosters that Lars Remodeling can help you achieve. Some projects that can help you improve your home’s value include:

  • Outdoor living space with entertaining and kitchen areas
  • Guest apartment over a two-car garage addition
  • Custom gourmet kitchen remodeling

Exterior Improvements

If you’d like to spend more time in your backyard but it needs some work, we can help you change that. We can maximize your outdoor space, whether that means creating a simple patio area, or a more extensive outdoor kitchen and dining area where you can entertain your family and friends. Let’s work together to plan and create a new space all while improving your curb appeal.

Why Choose Lars?

The Lars Remodeling & Design team has a vast amount of experience working with homeowners in Sorrento Valley. We can create custom luxury additions and architectural design/build projects to suit your needs. Contact us today or call us at (619) 225-5527 to learn more.