Home Remodeling And Design In The Bridges

Part of the appeal of living in The Bridges is the amazing location in Rancho Santa Fe and the superbly designed homes. Built to exist in harmony with the environment, the homes in The Bridges are both loved by residents and sought after by those in the market for a new, luxury home. A home remodel can help you rediscover your love for your property as well as increase the resell value.

Interior and Exterior Remodeling Services

With some fresh ideas and superior craftsmanship from the Lars Remodeling team, your home can reward you with contemporary amenities, luxuries, and conveniences. From extra bath and shower facilities for guests to kitchen improvements and hobby rooms, your home can be your haven. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Whole-home remodel
  • Room and level additions
  • Patios, rooftop decks and hardscaping
  • Upgrades to all electrical, plumbing, and appliances

Enjoy Tranquility and Beauty

One of the most stunning features of The Bridges is the land the community is built on. Once part of a ranch, lush green hills are dotted with eucalyptus trees. Outdoor activities abound, including horseback riding, polo, and golf on a world-class course. With so much life lived outdoors, creating or updating an outdoor living space to enjoy is a good investment for both your quality of life and increasing your home’s value.

The Lars Experience

Lars Remodeling & Design has been serving The Bridges and San Diego since 1991. As experts in the home remodeling and architectural design industry, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time. We approach every design/build remodel as our most important project, striving for complete customer satisfaction every step of the way. Learn more about us here.

For more information about how Lars Remodeling & Design can help you create the home you’ve been dreaming of, contact our office.