Phyllis & Mike

Our remodel is complete and we are extremely happy with the results.

We only had an idea what we wanted to accomplish with the remodel. To change a 1976 track home into a spacious, open and modern home. Seth and John took our wants and designed a home that included everything we wanted and more. By giving them a free hand with the design a round wall was in our plans and a galley kitchen was turned into a beautiful roomy kitchen with a peninsula with a sink that looks over the patio instead of a wall. Thank you Seth and John, working with the two of you was a lot of fun and we will miss those fun times.

Thank you Lora for the ease of picking out tiles, carpet, new appliances, and sinks and faucets for our kitchen and two bathrooms; this is a process that would have been a real nightmare without your help.

When the time for demolition and remodel to start Mike Reynolds arrived on the scene and keep the trades moving. The trades would arrive in the morning and when they left everything was cleaned up, this was much appreciated because we chose to live in the house while this major remodel was going on. Our weekly meetings kept us informed on what was happening during the week and we were contacted if this changed. Mike was on top of the project every minute and never was more than a phone call away. Thank you Mike, you made the whole remodel bearable and after all the horror stories we heard about the other companies we can’t thank you enough.

When you said we would be part of the Lars family you meant it. We tell everyone” If you have any remodel needs Lars Construction is the only one to use.” There have been a lot of people stop by and they have been very impressed. We are your biggest fans and ready to recommend you to anyone anytime. Feel free to use our name and home when needed for references.

Thank You!!