Concept Designer

Vianney received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the CIDA accredited program of the Design Institute of San Diego. In her four years in the industry Vianney has focused on the more technical side of design. Her skills include 3D modeling, rendering, perspectives, and drafting full sets of construction documents. “There is so much heart to residential design, and every decision made has to be really thought out. Ensuring that all the details work in a space, even from a line drawing point of view, can make the biggest difference when it comes to the functionality of the final design.”

Outside of the office Vianney loves to surround herself with projects where she can continue to be creative. She helps friends decorate for parties, helps her mom with her baking business, and goes to dance classes of different genres. “I just love all forms of expression through the arts. Especially with dancing, it’s a constant challenge of mind and body adapting to a new choreography.”

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