The Reality of Going Through a Remodel


When remodeling first pops into your mind, it’s all glamour and glitter. You’ll be giving your San Diego home a new life with all the renovations you’ve envisioned, you’ll get a fresh, modern home to enjoy, and all will be amazing.

At it will be, once it’s done and contractors leave. That’s just the reality of having work done in your home. It’s very disruptive. Even the smaller of renovations, such as remodeling your master bathroom, can be tiring to withstand. And that’s normal. Read on to learn what it feels like to live through a home remodeling project.

What to expect from a home remodel

Having your everyday life changed is never easy, but it’s all worth it in the end. Although the process tends to get a lot easier when you hire reputable local contractors, it’s still knowing what exactly you’re getting yourself into.

  1. Be realistic

    It’s easy to look at only the bright side of getting work done on your home. The rose-colored glasses of envisioning the finished result are a far cry from actually going through the process of renovations.

    Not that remodeling and doing construction work on your home is so bad. It’s not, but it does carry certain caveats that most people overlook in their desire to get the home of their dreams. You have to be aware that the following period can prove challenging, and be prepared for it. There’s more to remodeling than what it says in magazine articles and on TV.

  2. Be ready to change your daily schedule

    Imagine this – Every morning, before you go to work, you like to make some tea or coffee, take your smartphone, settle into your breakfast nook, check the news, sight through emails, and prepare for the workday to come.

    Enter renovations – Your breakfast nook is undergoing remodeling, the contractors are about to change your countertops, and you cannot find the kettle to make some tea in all the chaos. It just doesn’t sound the same, does it?

    You have to be ready to switch up your daily routine. Take your coffee to the living room if you’re remodeling your kitchen, or go out to a quiet café and have a relaxing cup of Joe there. If you’re a person of habit, the changes suck, but they are necessary, and you have to be willing to make them.

  3. Get ready for dust

    Renovations tend to get dusty. If you find a reliable contractor you can rest easy knowing they’ll inform you prior to some extremely dusty work, and they’ll do all they can to put dust barriers up around your home.

    Still, there will be dust, no matter how good the barriers are and no matter how hard the crew’s trying. That is why you should check if your contractor is planning on using an air scrubber alongside regular cleaning.

    While dust is always going to be there, and even though dust loves to travel, precautions and thorough daily cleaning can do much to improve the situation. Always pick a contractor who’s willing to go the extra mile for client satisfaction.

  4. It’s going to get emotional

    Remodels can get quite emotional. It’s not easy having unfamiliar faces around your home day after day and watching them do work all around your home. Now add noise and dust into the equation, and you get the idea. Hiring dependable contractors helps the matter, but it’s still not ideal.

    All this causes stress, and dealing with stress is never easy. However, be aware of the fact that contractors know what they’re doing. They’ve been doing it for quite some time and they know their way around. Everything’s going to turn out perfectly, so no need to worry about that. The work will stop, the noise and the dust will go away, and you’ll be left with the home you’ve been fantasizing about.

  5. Communicate

    But all this is possible only if you learn how to communicate. Renovations don’t have to be as difficult or as stressful if A – you’ve hired experienced contractors and B – you communicate all your wishes and grievances clearly.

    These people are here to improve your home, do it as efficiently as possible, all the while giving you and your family all the respect you deserve. If it’s too noisy – talk to the crew. If it’s too dusty – talk to the crew. If something else is not to your liking – talk to the crew. They’ll do what they can to make you happy, so don’t worry about renovations all that much. Just say everything loud and clear.

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