Remodeling Tips


When building a new home, many homeowners are considering the option of green design. Renovators also are putting more focus on creating eco friendly environments. Both groups recognize that they are achieving a healthier lifestyle, while protecting natural resources for future generations. In keeping with the environmental movement, there has been a corresponding increase in… Read more »


HOW MUCH DOES CHAOS COST? It would be interesting to know how many hours of each day are spent putting things in their proper places. Wouldn’t it be wonderful having entire weekends ahead of us, without the interruption of piled this, accumulated that and other bits and pieces that, in one way or another, keep… Read more »

Tips For Remodeling Right? It’s always best to keep it clean.

The issue of construction debris from your home renovation could bring you attention you were not looking for. Worker injuries, property damage and even law suits have been known to result from poorly managed renovation projects. Keeping the area organized and clutter-free is crucial to the smooth operation of your project. Productivity and work quality… Read more »

Smoothing Out The Remodeling Process

There are certain steps that should never be overlooked when you are getting ready to remodel your home. * Make sure your contractor is licensed and ask to see the license. * Take your time. Never rush into a project, no matter how badly improvements are needed. Get to know your Contractor. * Be wary… Read more »

If You Want the Best Contractor… You Better Be the Best Client

From the outset of a renovation project, homeowners are prepared to keep their contractor in line and watch scrupulously for any shortfall in delivery or disappointment in expected outcomes. There are even television shows highlighting the downside of renovations. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise then to find out that contractors evaluate their clients… Read more »

KITCHEN REMODEL RECIPE: Green is Good – Naturally!

One of the best places to think about eco-friendly remodeling is in the kitchen. However, a recipe for an environmentally friendly kitchen requires early planning, if it is to be successful. Don’t wait until construction has begun to consider your green options. Delays, costly changes and friction between yourself and your contractor can be avoided… Read more »

The Most Savvy Way To Spend Your Remodeling Dollars

Improve but Don’t Over-improve The message in today`s real estate market is clear: The days of remodeling for quick profit are over. Therefore you have to give careful consideration when you are putting money into your house. Will you recoup your investment when you sell? How much is too much to put into a house?… Read more »

Renovate to Rejuvenate

So you are contemplating the pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom. Perhaps the first change you will have to make when considering a bath renovation is a change in the way you think about the room itself. In today’s market you need more than just the most bang for your remodeling buck you need… Read more »