Luxury Bathroom Amenities

It’s a natural fact that luxury bathroom amenities are going to leave you a lasting feeling of royalty. If you are looking for some high-end additions to your bathroom, start here.

His and Hers Sinks

No matter your relationship with your partner, personal space is a gift for the both of you. His and hers …

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4 Design Essentials for a Kid-Friendly Remodel

When you’re deciding what features you’d like to include in your next home remodel, convenience and comfort probably dominate your wish list. If you have kids or you’re planning on growing your family someday soon, don’t forget to mix some kid-friendly features into your design-and-build remodeling plans.

1. Bedroom Buddies Your kids probably spend a …

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BATHROOM RENO: Invest Your Money in Sense Appeal

The wonderful thing about renovating a bathroom is that you get to indulge yourself in this delightful personal space while waiting to recoup your investment. The introduction of chromatherapy, luminotherapy and aromatherapy into showers, steam units and tubs has been astounding. Bathrooms have become multisensory and there are marvellous products on the market today that …

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Renovate to Rejuvenate

So you are contemplating the pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom. Perhaps the first change you will have to make when considering a bath renovation is a change in the way you think about the room itself. In today’s market you need more than just the most bang for your remodeling buck you need …

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BATHROOM REMODELING: Dream or Nightmare?

QUESTION: Why are there so many horror stories about bathroom renovations?

ANSWER: The main reason is that the bathroom is the room that people renovate most often. Secondly, they have to stand up to daily use, steam, water and mildew. But neither one of these is responsible for the nightmares many have experienced, heard about …

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