Incorporating Mosaic Into Your Bathroom

Custom tile work is a very fine finishing detail for any space, but it is one that discriminating homeowners really look for in the bathroom. The nature of this space make it ideal for the resilience and function of tile, and intricate mosaics and customized tile installation can elevate a simple shower or wall into …

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Bathroom Remodeling: Room Without a Window

Not everyone has a window in their bathroom. Sometimes it’s by preference, and sometimes it’s by original design. Windows can add light and make your bathroom appear larger. They can also create discomfort when you’re ready to take a shower and don’t want the neighbors as an audience. Bathrooms surrounded by interior walls aren’t candidates …

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Find Your Zones In Bathroom Remodeling

Creating a bathroom that’s beautiful and functional with modern amenities is an important part of planning today’s home renovations. Remodel your bath with a contemporary design, creating practical zones while using modern technology and moisture-friendly flooring.

Zone Division One of the more prominent trends in San Diego bathroom remodeling projects is the use of wet …

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Lars Remodeling & Design Client Says ‘Thank You’

Six years ago Lars Remodeling and Design helped transform a clients home with a custom kitchen remodel. Since then, La Mesa, CA resident Kathy Kinsella has been one of our biggest fans. Over the years, Kathy has referred multiple family, friends and colleagues to Lars Remodeling & Design.

Now it was time to go back …

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Choosing Elements of Comfort in a Bath Remodel

More and more homeowners are making changes to the bath areas of their San Diego homes as a separate project or as part of a whole home remodel. For many, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. It doesn’t have to be. Custom remodeling projects can double the size of your bath area, …

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“In-Sink” With Bathroom Trends

The Lars Remodeling & Design Team

Are you tuned in to the changes that are happening in 21st century bathrooms? In this most personal and frequently used room in the house, there are changes to give you a luxurious spa retreat, or if it’s your preference, you can stay connected to your world through, phone, internet and tv. Perhaps you want …

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IF ONLY… I had learned these lessons

It’s a sign of a great renovation … if, afterwards, the stories you share do NOT begin with the words “if only…” While you can’t foresee everything that might have an impact on the smooth running of your remodeling project, there are a few things that you can learn from the good – and bad …

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BATHROOM RENO: Invest Your Money in Sense Appeal

The wonderful thing about renovating a bathroom is that you get to indulge yourself in this delightful personal space while waiting to recoup your investment. The introduction of chromatherapy, luminotherapy and aromatherapy into showers, steam units and tubs has been astounding. Bathrooms have become multisensory and there are marvellous products on the market today that …

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When building a new home, many homeowners are considering the option of green design. Renovators also are putting more focus on creating eco friendly environments. Both groups recognize that they are achieving a healthier lifestyle, while protecting natural resources for future generations.

In keeping with the environmental movement, there has been a corresponding increase in …

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It would be interesting to know how many hours of each day are spent putting things in their proper places. Wouldn’t it be wonderful having entire weekends ahead of us, without the interruption of piled this, accumulated that and other bits and pieces that, in one way or another, keep …

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